School on disorder in complex systems @Institut Pascal (June 2022)

Introduction to the statistical physics of phase transitions and critical phenomena
Emmanuel Trizac (LPTMS, Paris-Saclay/CNRS)

Lecture notes   Part A,   Part B,   Part C

1 - Binder cumulants and phase transitions    solution
2 - A Landau functional for liquid crystals    solution (video by M. Lenz)     solution notes (by M. Lenz)
3 - Real space renormalization of an Ising model; the Niemeijer-Van Leuwen decimation     solution notes part 1 (by M. Lenz)     solution part 2 (video by F. van Wijland)     solution notes part 2 (by F. van Wijland)
4 - The Kosterlitz-Thouless transition (XY model)     solutions (videos by M. Lenz and F. van Wijland)
5 - Renormalization à la Migdal-Kadanoff    solution

Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics, D. Chandler, Oxford University Press (if you have forgotten the basics)
Statistical Mechanics of Phase Transitions, J. Yeomans, Oxford Science Publications (short and introductory)
Statistical physics of particles (vol I) and of fields (vol II), M. Kardar, Cambridge University Press
Principles of Condensed Matter Physics, P. Chaikin and T. Lubensky, Cambridge
Introduction to Statistical Field Theory, E. Brézin, Cambridge University Press
Scaling and Renormalization in Statistical Physics, J. Cardy, Cambridge University Press

Some useful documents
Order through entropy Daan Frenkel, Nat. Mat. 14, 9 (2014).

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