Master Program in General Physics

Statistical Mechanics
Emmanuel Trizac (LPTMS, Paris-Sud)

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True and honest education in statistical and quantum mechanics... such as provided by
    Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics, H. Callen, John Wiley and Sons 1985
    Quantum Mechanics, C. Cohen-Tannoudji, B. Diu and F. Laloe, Wiley
Mathematics for Physics and Physicists, W. Appel, Princeton University Press, 2007
    An excellent opportunity to fill the gaps in complex analysis, linear algebra, probability theory...
    also exists in French (éditions H&K)
Statistical Mechanics of Phase Transitions, J. Yeomans, Oxford Science Publications
Equilibrium Statistical Physics, M. Plischke and B. Bergensen, 3rd edition, Word Scientific, 2006
From Microphysics to Macrophysics, R. Balian, Springer, 2007
Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Thermodynamics, M. Le Bellac, F. Mortessagne, G. Batrouni, Cambridge
Some useful documents
A mnemonic scheme for thermodynamics (JC Zhao)
van der Waals equation: critical exponents

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